That Hands: Party game


Are you looking for a very fun two player offline game Hot Hands: Red Hands game is here for you!

Hot Hands: Red Hands is a new game for two players on one device. Challenge your musketeers to a fun dog fight. You can play with 2 players anywhere and at any time.

Be quick and make your opponent or friend laugh in pain with Hot Hands: Red Hands!

The rules of Hot Hands: Red Hands are simple:

The 2 players stand on opposite sides of the device.
One of them is bushwhacker, the other bone
– protective.
bushwhacker opens his side of the screen to push the guards hand.
Protector locks your side of the screen at the right time to prevent an attack.
Still, the places are changing, if the protector is successful.
But be careful: if you fold too many times, your hand will be pinned and you won't be able to avoid taking a hit.
For each successful attack, you get one point.
Player, who collects ten points, palm.

Choose from numerous hands available in Hot Hands: Red Hands game!

Our Hot Hands: Red Hands is for everyone, you don't need to have many friends to play, you can also play solo! It's all fun with Hot Hands: Red Hands you can organize Hot Hands: Red Hands event with your friends! Simple and fun - there is no way you will get tired of Hot Hands: Red Hands.
Challenge your musketeers to one of the strip games in Hot Hands: Red Hands!